Denka Black

Acetylene Black

Carbon black with high purity and electrical conductivity

There are 2 main types of acetylene black in Denka’s product portfolio, produced through the thermal decomposition of acetylene. The first type is “Denka Black”, which is highly purified and extremely conductive. These characteristics make it an ideal material in the production of dry cells and power cables. It is also useful in other sectors, like the production of silicone products, semiconductor packaging materials etc. The second type is "Denka Black Li". The main difference between "Denka Black Li" and “Denka Black” is the near elimination of metallic impurities in "Denka Black Li". This makes it an ideal material to be used in the manufacture of Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

"Denka Black": Base material for dry cells, material for rechargeable batteries, power cables, packaging materials for electronic components, material for automotive parts and etc. "Denka Black Li": Base material for Li-ion rechargeable batteries

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Denka TX Polymer

Methyl-Methacrylate Styrene Copolymer (MS Resin)

Excellent transparency and dimensional stability

Denka TX Polymer has excellent transparency and optical properties similar to acrylic resins. It has good moldability and thermal stability. Its moisture absorption is lower than Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA Resin). Hence, Denka TX Polymer has better dimensional stability.

Light Guide Panel for LCD and Lighting, Household Articles such as Cups and Cosmetics Cases, etc.

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Styrene-Butadiene Block Copolymer (SBC Resin)

Highly functional styrenic transparent resins, with good hinge performance

CLEAREN and Denka NSBC (SBC Resin) have excellent transparency and good hinge performance. They can be compounded with GPPS to improve impact strength, while maintaining transparency. As impact modifiers of GPPS, they are used in a wide range of applications.

Shrinkable Film, Candy Wrap, Cap Seal, Food Packaging, Industrial Tray, Cosmetic Caps, Shoe Sole, Toys, etc.

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Denka IP

Styrene-N-Phenylmaleimide Copolymer

The most efficient Heat Resistant Modifier for ABS

Denka IP was developed by Denka’s unique technology in the 1980s. It can increase the heat resistance of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS Resin) efficiently. It can also be used as a compatibilizer for ABS and Engineering Plastics (eg. PA6/ABS). With its excellent quality, Denka IP has been adopted by various ABS suppliers and compounders worldwide.

IP modified Heat Resistant ABS such as Automotive Center Panel, Console or Other Interior Parts, Microwave Oven, Rice Cooker, etc.

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Denka Fused Silica

Spherical Fused Silica Filler

Filler for Epoxy Molding Compounds (EMC)

Denka Fused Silica is an amorphous (noncrystalline) silica that is spherically shaped. It is made by melting high quality pure silica under high temperature. Fused silica has the lowest thermal expansion coefficient of all industrial materials. It has excellent thermal and chemical stability.

In addition, it has other attractive characteristics such as high electric insulation resistance and low dielectric constant. Our spherical fused silica filler offers excellent flowability and adaptability to varied particle distribution, thus leading to a surge in the world’s demand for our product. It also boosts high content filling in various resins and good moldability, making it suitable for use across a wide range of applications.

Filler for semiconductor encapsulating materials and Filler for various types of resins.

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Denka Spherical Alumina

High Sphericity Alumina filler

Filler for resins/rubbers which require high thermal conductivity

Denka Spherical Alumina is highly spherical, developed by Denka’s unique high temperature melting technologies. As a filler for various resins or rubbers, it can increase thermal conductivity and improve surface hardness. Its affinity with various types of resins and rubbers allows high filling content to be easily achieved, and it can also control wear in kneading machines or molds compared to irregular-shaped fillers.

  • Filler for thermal interface material
  • Filler for semiconductor sealants
  • Powder to be laid for ceramic baking
  • Abrasive grain
  • Spraying material

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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Fiber

Synthetic fiber for hair pieces and wigs

Denka successfully pioneered the industrial production of PVC fiber in 1952. Our product, Toyokalon®, has since been sold throughout the world for use in wigs and hair pieces. The market recognizes the Toyokalon® brand for its quality.

The product has various unique characteristics, such as a soft and silk-like feel, unique lustre and superior non-combustibility that is essential for safety. Using a special production method, our product has a near-natural texture, natural appearance with some parts having high lustre and other parts having low lustre. Furthermore, heat treating the product gives it excellent curl and fine crimps, producing volume and a feeling of superior texture.

Hair pieces, wigs and weaves.

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This was Japan’s first successfully commercialized insulating adhesive tape made of PVC. Its use centers around binding of cable for electrical equipment. Its resistance to fire and high elasticity has led to its application in diverse places, ranging from homes to different industries.

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Denka Thermo Film

Denka Thermo Film is used all around the world as a cover tape for embossed carrier tapes. Denka Thermo Film plays an essential role in protecting electronic components and semiconductors during transport. Due to the popularization of smartphones and tablet terminals, as well as automobile electronics, there has been a steady increase in the demand of Denka Thermo Film in overseas markets, particularly those of China and Southeast Asia.

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Special Cement Additives

Denka’s special cement additives business is developed from its original sintering and electric furnace technologies as a chemical manufacturer. These technologies compensate for the weaknesses inherent in native cement or concrete. Denka supplies various types of additives that have new functionalities like expansion, quick settling, quick hardening, high strength, injection etc. Thus, Denka has won accolades for addressing a wide range of industry needs, including those of the civil engineering and construction industries.

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Construction Chemicals

Denka Construction Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd specializes in the marketing of a comprehensive range of construction chemicals products including:

• Waterproofing Systems
• Waterstops, Joint Filler & Sealants
• Emirror Floor Top Strengthening Systems
• Resin Flooring & Floor Hardeners
• Non-Shrink Gout & Resin Anchors
• Concrete Repair Systems & Protective Coatings
• Surface Treatments

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Estoflex Dymeric
This product is a high performing water-based polyurethane waterproofing membrane for non-exposed areas. It has superior adhesive strength and can be applied on damp surfaces. Estoflex PU850 is used for RC flat roof, wet kitchen and bath slabs, RC Gutters and etc.

Estoflex PU850
Estoflex Dymeric is a pure acrylic waterproofing coating that has high elasticity and is UV resistant. It is a green label product and is used for RC flat roof with good gradient, external building façade and metal decks and roof.

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