Denka Black

Acetylene Black
Carbon black with high purity and electrical conductivity

Product Information

There are 2 main types of acetylene black in Denka’s product portfolio, produced through the thermal decomposition of acetylene. The first type is “Denka Black”, which is highly purified and extremely conductive. These characteristics make it an ideal material in the production of dry cells and power cables. It is also useful in other sectors, like the production of silicone products, semiconductor packaging materials etc. The second type is “Denka Black Li”. The main difference between “Denka Black Li” and “Denka Black” is the near elimination of metallic impurities in “Denka Black Li”. This makes it an ideal material to be used in the manufacture of Li-ion rechargeable batteries.


“Denka Black”: Base material for dry cells, material for rechargeable batteries, power cables, packaging materials for electronic components, material for automotive parts and etc. “Denka Black Li”: Base material for Li-ion rechargeable batteries.