Denka Japan

About Denka Co Ltd

As the parent company, Denka Co. Ltd. has continued to grow as Japan’s top manufacturer of carbide chemicals since its inception in 1915, and the launch of its petrochemical business in 1962. Denka has subsequently started the manufacture of electronic materials, pharmaceutical products and other businesses.

Mission of the company in early days
Denka was established in 1915 with an equity investment from the Mitsui group. Its mission was to domestically produce chemical fertilizers. Denka has built the base of the carbide industry of Japan, and has promoted the development of the chemical industry today.

The uniqueness of Denka lies in producing carbide and its derivatives using hydroelectric power plants and lime stone mines. While most chemical companies make chemical products from oil, Denka maintains competitive power by utilizing its own resources.

Denka has acquired the technology of ultra high temperature control, advanced spherical control, and nitride by producing carbide and fertilizers. In addition, Denka researches on organic synthesis that uses acetylene, and has cultivated chemical and physical technologies. Denka has launched various inorganic and organic products in the market. In recent years, Denka has developed an innovative technology that combines inorganic and organic technologies in the electronic material field.